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Queen of the Brow: Shavata's rule
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Brook Shields - Queen of the thicker brow © LINGO/ADC-DIFFUSION/SIPA
With my brows now threaded into a neat arch and trimmed to perfection, Shavata shows me how to fill in the gaps with short, light strokes of a good eyebrow pencil, the shade just darker than I am naturally. In seconds I have neat, groomed eyebrows - I feel more sophisticated than I have for months, years even.

If only I'd known about this sooner then perhaps I wouldn't have committed brow crime!

Shavata tells me the two most common problems she sees are over-plucking and what's known as 'The Tadpole' - a thick chunk at the nose and really thin tail.

"A lot of women over-pluck in the centre and you always find that  women who’s eyebrow grew in the middle make this mistake so you can always tell who they are."

Shavata eyes me with a knowning look... yes I admit it, I had a monobrow years ago. Until I plucked it to oblivion for which I am now paying the price of sparse brows.

"I always say – if you have naturally thick eyebrows don’t make them thin – all you’ll end up doing is forever plucking and they will never be tidy." She tells me "I’m a great believer in using what nature has to offer. But if you have naturally thin eyebrows, don’t make them thick, don’t put loads of make up on trying to pretend they’re something they’re not – use what you’ve got."

Me? I've got lucky! Now I've found my way into Shavata's Brow Bar, I've seen the light. No more over-plucking, no more Ugly Betty like, spidery brows. From now on it's manicured perfection and nothing else!

"Even if clients come once in their life..." says Shavata "...at least they’ll get to know their shape and then they can maintain it themselves."


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