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Queen of the Brow: Shavata's rule
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Trim and tame for perfect brows


Grace Kelly - perfectly tamed eyebrows © SIPA
Trimming of eyebrows is not something I've ever considered but Shavata assures me that my reaction is perfectly normal, most people panic when the scissors come out. But after the initial snips many ask for more because the result is such a beautifully neat, manicured, look.

Men are particularly fond of trims as many come in for a natural-looking tidy-up rather than a specific shape.

A session at one Shavata's brow bars will usually include threading or waxing, trimming and tweezing. She may be the empress of her eyebrow empire but her disciples are all trained to her exacting standards.

Shavata's insistent on this point "Anyone can learn to thread but it's the shaping that's crucial. Our training is second to none as my reputation is at stake. I don't care if we've paid for girl's training and travel, if she can't cut it then she doesn't go out on the floor. If a complaint comes in I take it personally and I'll send the girl responsible to be trained again."

Any Shavata trained staff can give your eyebrows a perfect new shape - providing you give them something to work with.

"If a client receives a good pair of eyebrows they'll tell 1 or 2 people, if they have a bad job then they'll tell 19!"


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