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Queen of the Brow: Shavata's rule
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Perfect brows - Catherine Zeta Jones © ADC-DIFFUSION/SIPA
Like visiting a hair salon, having an idea of what you want is a good idea when you visit a Brow Bar. This is all new to me...

"So what are we doing today" Shavata asks me - I'm lying almost flat on the black leather chair and I suddenly feel like I'm at the dentist. Panic! I hadn't thought of asking for a specific shape.

Apparently people often bring in pictures or ask for a celebrity style. I ask Shavata what celebrity brow she admires.

"Catherine Zeta Jones has beautiful eyebrows" she says almost wistfully. "She has a perfect arch and a very manicured look."

Shavata has actually launched a range of premium tools to keep your brows in check and in among the incredible precision tweezers is a stencil kit that references well-known celebrity brows: Brook Sheilds for a fuller brow, Grace Kelly's arched look plus the thiner, manicured styles sported by Kylie Minogue and Liz Hurley.
Shavata Brow Shapers - £12

"We often get asked for celebrity styles" Shavata tells me, "but we also look at the image and how the client actually lives. The second question we ask after age is profession. A mother of five doesn't want high maintenance eyebrows and an 'it girl' will do better with a thinner, more manicured, eyebrow shape."


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