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The eyebrow queen - Shavata's rule

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© Ugly Betty - series 3 on E4 now - The eyebrow queen - Shavata's rule
© Ugly Betty - series 3 on E4 now
"It's our job to tell people the truth" she says. The neat, beautiful little Asian woman stood over me, wielding a thread with such authority, is the one and only Shavata - better known as the UK's Eyebrow Queen.

The truth, in my case, is that my eyebrows are sparse. Despite the fact that I've been growing them out for the best part of three months prior to my session with Britain's finest eyebrow shaper, they are still woefully sparse. And yet, I feel like Ugly Betty.

In Shavata's opinion tinting is not going to help me. My brows are also quite light in comparison to my dark locks but tinting won't cut it.

"You've got two options" she tells me "you either draw them in or you could have semi-permanent make up. Tinting will only give you false hope - it'll cling to the skin for maybe one or two days so I don't think it warrants the price point for just a few days improvement."

How refreshing the truth is!


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