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Fine points

Fine points

Staying power: Fake tan lasts for about a week. After this time, you should do another body scrub and reapply the tanning product. Don't wait any longer than 7 days else the product will start to run: when you wash, you'll lose the tone of the colour.

How often: You can do it all year long, there is absolutely no danger. Self-tanning products act on dead cells, oxidizing them and changing the colour. The outermost part of the epidermis is made of several layers of dead cells. Through scrubbing, you remove those cells which are ready to go, whilst those which form the surface tissue remain behind.

How long will it last: After applying the product, use tan-prolonging creams which contain active moisturizers and only a little DHA. They will prolong your tan without reducing its glow. For pale skins, lightly tinted moisturizers offer a subtle tan.

Streaks: Tinted moisturizers have an immediate effect, and normally don't cause streaks. You can practically get dressed in white straightaway! In contrast, classic self-tanners do require a bit more time. You can apply them in the evening a few hours before slipping into your clothes...no problem with whites! The advantage of a tinted gel is that your tan is visible as soon as you apply it. The result: ½ shade above the skin's natural colour. Ideal for a last-minute evening out in a low-cut dress!


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