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Always apply self-tanning products to dry skin. Choose the texture of your tanning product: gel for a fresh effect, milk when you have a bit of time, or spray for speed!

Slyvie Thery guides us through using self-tanning spray.

Apply with care
Spray from the knee to the top of the thigh in strips and rub in using large ascending movements up to the top of the buttock. Continue onto the stomach in a circle, up to the bust and neckline. Move onto the arms and give your arms a quick spritz from the wrist to the shoulder. Apply to the exterior of the arm, avoiding the elbow, then to the interior and onto the hand, finishing with the fingers.
Continue with the leg, without applying to the ankle or knee, but don't forget underneath your foot. Finish off with the back, shoulders, between the shoulder blades, and down to the base of the back, sweeping over the skin from the centre to the exterior in circular movements.

Obtain the right intensity
After the first application, wait for 3 to 5 hours to see the tan appear. If you are looking for added intensity, go for a second application. Be aware that there is also a chemical reaction to sweat, what is referred to as the hydrolipidic film. Allow the product to dry properly (use a hairdryer if you like). Make sure you rub it in! Be prepared to wait 15 minutes (maximum 30 minutes).

Avoid streaks
Before applying the tanning product, dip your hands in a rich, waterproof cream.
Knees, ankles, elbows and fingers can easily get streaks. If you do make a mistake when applying (you apply too much), take a dry glove and rub to decrease the effect.
Don't forget to wash your hands, taking particular care between the fingers where the product tends to naturally accumulate.


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