Salon Vs DIY: summer beauty at home or away?
Salon vs DIY: Glossy hair
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Salon vs DIY: Glossy hair

The drying effects of the sun can wreak havoc on our hair - unless of course you’re a fan of the frazzled, frizzy, brittle look? Didn’t think so.
People are very quick to protect their skin from the sun, but the hair on our heads tends to get neglected.

With this in mind, HOB salons have created a bespoke treatment to get damaged hair back to its beautiful glossy self again, by focusing on the needs of the individual.
wewomen’s reviewer says: "My technician had a clever little chart that told her what combination of treatments I required – and after deciding that my hair was normal to dry and colour treated, she opted for a hydrate mask and colour save infusion."

"You can buy the mask over the counter, but it was the shot of infusion that provided the intense nourishment. The treatment was applied all over, and then my hair was twisted into small sections to push the treatment right into the cuticles."
"Once it was rinsed out and my hair was blow dried straight I could see a real difference; it looked glossier and didn’t snap anymore when I brushed it – this would be a great thing to get done once a month during the summer."
SP Alchemy Hair Treatment

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