The post-summer pamper
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Shaving rash
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Shaving rash

Remaining hair-free all summer can be a gruelling task, especially as most people don’t have the time or money to have a regular professional wax, and need to resort to quick fixes when donning a bikini every day for the duration of their holiday.

Shaving lumps and bumps are caused by ingrown hairs that become trapped under the skin’s surface and grow back in on themselves, so it’s important to keep hair follicles clear to allow the hair a smooth journey through. Regularly exfoliate the area before and after hair removal, ideally using a product containing salicylic acid to help mop up any pore-clogging dead skin cells.

Always shave using a sharp new razor; a blunt one will take more swipes to remove all of the hair, often leading to painful razor burn. The ideal time to shave is after a hot shower or bath, when the skin is soft and the follicles open – the perfect excuse to indulge in a long, hot soak in the bath!

Always finish any hair removal with a soothing oil or cream containing aloe vera or chamomile. This will immediately calm any irritation and keep the skin surface soft for bump and lump free re-growth.

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