The post-summer pamper
Brittle nails
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Brittle nails

The main cause of weak, brittle or peeling nails is frequent exposure to water, so a summer of frolicking in the sea or swimming pool can mean a set of very tired talons.

Start by filing your nails down to a short, neat length to remove as much of the damage as possible. Always sweep the file in one direction across the nail edge - never in a back and forth see-saw motion, as this will damage the nail and cause it to peel even more.

Invest in a four way nail buffer and run the three softest files along the surface of each nail, starting with the roughest of the three and finishing with the soft polishing pad. Do this once weekly, rubbing some nail and cuticle oil in when you’re done to rehydrate the nail. If you’re on a budget, reach for the good old olive oil again!

To maintain your peel-free nails, invest in a good clear nail varnish that will protect them from the elements that caused the peeling in the first place.

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