The post-summer pamper
Flip flop feet
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Flip flop feet

Unforgiving summer footwear can leave your feet looking far from pretty, and let’s face it, nasty hard heels will never be sexy!

Start by rubbing half a lemon over the hard areas; the acidic juice from the lemon will break down the dead skin cells, loosening their grip and making them easier to remove. Next, get to work with a foot pumice or file, making sure the skin is completely dry so that the dead skin flakes off rather than the entire area of skin being dragged.

Then, soak your feet in a basin of one cup of warm milk, and five cups of warm water; the milk contains lactic acid which will help soften rough skin and sooth sore areas. We wouldn’t advise you to add it to your cuppa afterwards though!

Finish by applying a softening foot treatment. The skin on your feet is much more hard-wearing than the rest of your body, so a lightweight face or body cream simply won’t cut it. For optimum results apply just before bed and wear some clean cotton socks over the top – come morning time you won’t even recognize your own tootsies!

We recommend: Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream


Cassie Powney
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Article Plan The post-summer pamper
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