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New Beauty Trend? The Beauty Secret That's Inside Your Fridge

Cliche Wynter
by Cliche Wynter Published on October 17, 2014

No-brainer: women spend loads of cash on beauty products. LOADS. And because looking good costs a pretty penny, we all want to get the biggest bang for our buck. The latest beauty trend is aiming to help us do just that. The best part? It's right in your refrigerator...

When you're spending upwards of $100 on a bottle of face cream, you naturally want to make sure you use every last drop. But what happens when you're only halfway through the container, and you realize it's no longer good? That's $50 down the drain (which totally sucks because that could've bought you that really cute top from ASOS).

So in an attempt to get the most for their money, many women are opting to preserve their precious and pricey cosmetics in the refrigerator. It's pretty genius and also something my mom and aunts have been doing for years. When I asked them why they choose to store their beauty goods next to the eggs, they curtly replied, "It's an island thing." While that sounds like BS at first (well, to me it did), it turns out their response has some validity.

Just like food, many cosmetics go bad more quickly when left in warmer temperatures. In fact, there are specific products that are generally required to be refrigerated (i.e. acne medications). This helps with their overall effectiveness, which is crucial. Note: You must be mindful of climate control.

Another reason to keep your beauty goods in the fridge? It straight up makes them last longer. While most beauty items on the market are created with built in preservatives, if you're going the natural and organic route, your products may lack said preservatives. Storing these items in the refrigerator helps ensure you get your money's worth.

But is it necessary to pack your fridge with ALL your cosmetics? Absolutely not. Here are some key items that benefit from refrigeration:

- Acne Medication (Should be properly stored to maximize effectiveness and prevent chemicals from going bad)
- Nail Polish (Refrigeration helps prevent the polish from separating)
- Face Mask (The chilled mask feels soothing on the skin)
-Organic Products (storing in the fridge will help in preservation)
- Eye Cream (The cool temperature helps to instantly reduce inflammation and de-puffs.)

Remember: Do not place potentially toxic products next to the food items .

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by Cliche Wynter