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Dr Sofia Herzi, specialist doctor in aesthetic medicine, laser usage


 - Dr Sofia Herzi, specialist doctor in aesthetic medicine, laser usage
Dr Sophia Herzi is a specialist in cosmetic medicine. She gives us her take on laser treatment...

What's the advantage of cosmetic medicine?
Laser treatment can do what surgery can't: permanent epilation, for example. It can reduce or even remove varicose veins, which surgeons can't do. In terms of anti-aging treatments, laser produces remarkable results. Lifting "pulls" the skin but the quality of the epidermis stays the same after the operation. Remodelling techniques act deep down, regenerating the skin from the inside.  

What are the catches? 
Generally, you should give your doctor the maximum amount of information so he can decide whether the treatment is suitable. It can't be done on tanned skin: depigmentation (sometimes permanent) could occur on the treated area. It's best to wait for your tan to totally disappear. And tell your doctor about any hormone imbalances, expecially for the treatment of acne or for epilation. And pregnant women shouldn't undergo laser treatment because the rays' effects on the fetus are not yet known.

Do the results have a long-term effect?
Today, results obtained through laser are extraordinary, but you still need to look after you skin after treatment. Sun spots are due to overproduction of melanin, i.e. skin that's had repeated exposure to the sun. The same applies to wrinkles, with UV being the main culprit of skin aging. So you need to protect and care for your skin! In the same, er, vein(!), varicose veins develop because of poor quality blood vessels. The laser destroys the varicose vein but it doesn't change the cause of them. You should only expect other blood vessels to dilate in time and form new marks.  

Why does laser treatment cost so much?
On one hand, the cost depends on the type of laser used, and on the other hand, it depends on the area and surface that's being treated. Lasers are complex pieces of equipment and each one uses a different type of technology. The price is set in part by the wavelengths released by the machine. But some operations, even if they require an investment in the beginning, are very cost-effective in the end - hair removal, for example. Monthly visits to the salon are more expensive than permanent hair removal.


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