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Treating scars with a laser

Treating scars with a laser

You're probably an expert at camouflage from hiding scars and make sure you're never without your little tube of concealer or foundation. Forget that now: current laser technology can correct unsightly scars.
Each scar is unique due to its shape, colour, depth, consistency and location on the face or body. The doctor will choose the most suitable equipment, perhaps combining several types of laser to obtain the best result possible.

Target: Scars resulting from accidents, surgery and acne, red, swollen, white or pigmented ones that are older than 18 months.
How does it work? Depending on the nature of the scar, the laser will use an abrasive smoothing action, and will either depigment repigment to correct colour. Note that certain types of laser are unsuitable for pale skins.
Post-treatment: Thin scabs generally appear a few hours after treatment. Sun protection must be applied on the treated area until it's completely healed.
Result: Current equipment on the market doesn't make scars disappear completely. Nevertheless, their appearance can clearly be improved and the results are very satisfying.
Price: Varies, depending on the type and number of lasers used.


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