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Treating age spots, liver spots, sun spots with a laser, pigmented lesions

Treating age spots, liver spots, sun spots with a laser, pigmented lesions

Unsightly little marks that appear on the hands or face are a tell-tale sign of aging. Laser can be used to treat brown spots, otherwise known as sun spots, age spots, liver spots, or pregnancy spots.
The doctor chooses the most suitable laser and may combine several for an optimal result. The procedure is simple and quick and there's no risk of scarring, unlike  treatment with liquid nitrogen.

Target: Benign spots only. A diagnosis must be made beforehand by a dermatologist to detect and avoid treating malignant lesions such as melanoma.
How does it work? The skin gradually becomes lighter: pulverized by the light, spots are eliminated in a sweeping action. The impact of the laser is a bit uncomfortable but more often than not local anesthetic isn't required.
Post-treatment: A slight whitening of the skin. A thin scab forms a few hours later but disappears quickly. Sun protection is recommended until the epidermis has completely healed in order to avoid overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for the formation of spots.
Result: An improvement in the quality of the skin is noticeable after treatment. The spot fades little by little.
Price: From £70 to £500 per session.


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