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Treating warts and verrucas with a laser

Treating warts and verrucas with a laser

Struggling to get rid of your warts or verrucas? Laser is an effective alternative to cryotherapy and has good results, especially on areas that are difficult for surgeons to reach.
Also, there's a reduction in healing time, certainly in the case of warts situated on nail cuticles. Another advantage is that the laser guarantees heamthy nail regrowth. A different type of laser is chosen for different cases to obtain the best possible result.

Target: Verrucas and periungual warts (situated on nail cuticles).
How does it work? Layer by layer, the doctor scrubs away the verruca. This can be performed under a local anesthetic. The use of a vascular laser causes clotting of the blood that supplies the wart so that it dries up and dies.
Post-treatment: A bandage can be applied to the treated area to protect it but sports activities can be resumed immediately. A follow-up is recommended to avoid recurrence.
Result: Treating certain warts remains difficult but the results of the abrasive method on persistant warts are very good.
Price: From £80 per session. Not available on the NHS.


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