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Laser treatment for skin diseases, vitiligo, psoriasis

Laser treatment for skin diseases, vitiligo, psoriasis

Skin diseases are generally characterized by problems with the pigmentation (or depigmentation) of the skin. Such unsightly lesions respond reasonably well to prescribed dermatological treatment.
Recent laser procedures in this field seem to give good results, but progress remains to be made.  

Target: Vitiligo and psoriasis if they haven't spread too far, but also isolated and resistant thick marks situated on the body and scalp.
How does it work? The doctor may choose a repigmenting laser. Another technique is to use a laser or light that reproduces solar rays, since these types of lesion often improve after exposure to the sun. A high dose of ultraviolet rays is delivered in order to dry out the lesions. This method carries risks of burning, and its long-term effects aren't yet known.
Post-treatment: The application of healing or soothing products might be prescribed by the doctor, and high sun protection (or even total block) is essential.
Result: There are some cases where laser treatment has had no effect, but overall, the results are satisfying. However, only visible and existing scars are treated. Laser doesn't prevent the formation of new lesions.
Price: From £100 per session.


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