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Treating acne with a laser

Treating acne with a laser

Usually a teenage curse, this skin disease can become a nightmare when it persists into adulthood. Caused by an excessive production of sebum that blocks pores, and by the presence of bacteria, acne requires daily care.
The results of the first laser treatments are encouraging, and techniques are currently being improved. The procedure produces several different wavelengths acting on several levels.

Target: Light to medium inflammatory acne on the face and body.
How does it work? The beam of light, aimed deep into the epidermis, reduces production of the overactive sebaceous glands, as well as reducing bacteria.
Post-treatment: Sun protection is absolutely essential throughout the whole treatment period (4 to 5 sessions, with a 2 to 3-week gap between them), and a follow-up with a dermatologist is also required.
Result: Improvement is gradual, but an advantage is that the action of the laser also has a beneficial effect on superficial marks caused by acne.
Price: From £75 to £300 per session. Check your local hospital's policy, as treatment may be offered by the NHS.

Attention: Acne treatment by laser isn't possible if you're taking Isotretinoin.


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