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Non-ablative dermal remodelling with laser, remodeling, subsurfacing

Non-ablative dermal remodelling with laser, remodeling, subsurfacing

Less damaging to the skin than resurfacing, remodelling provides a flawless result with minimal side-effects. It refirms skin and diminishes the signs of aging.
This procedure can be carried out on people over 30 as an anti-aging measure. It may also be advised after laser resurfacing for an optimal long-term result.

Target: Superficial wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté.
How does it work? After the skin is cooled, a beam of light is sent very deep into the dermis. The increase in intradermal temperature stimulates collagen production. In 4 to 6 sessions, skin regenerates from within.
Post-treatment: This method has few side effects. Nonetheless, during the first 2 to 3 months there's slight skin discomfort (dryness, tautness, irritability) as well as an intolerance to your usual beauty products.
Result: In the weeks that follow the treatment, collagen production continues. Skin appears plumped up and therefore younger. Remodelling can be carried out as regularly as once or twice a year.
Price: From £200 to £500 per session.

Note: This procedure can even be carried out on dark skin. For an optimal result, combine it with other superficial, peeling treatments.


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