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Treating stretch marks with a laser

Treating stretch marks with a laser

After pregnancy or weight fluctuation, unsightly stretch marks can often
appear and give you complexes. Today, laser treatment can be used to lessen their appearance. Depending on how old the stretch marks are and what they look like, the choice of laser will differ to get the best effect. But treatment is long and painful, and the after-effects often unpleasant.

Target: Stretch marks, preferably recent and dark coloured. 
How does it work? Depending on the appearance of the stretch marks, the chosen laser might reduce redness, smooth the skin, or act extremely deep down in the dermis to bring together extremities in the skin. But this last treatment is very painful and is normally carried out under local anesthetic. 
Post-treatment: A temporary purpura appears with the use of a dye laser and disappears within a few days. The healing period depends on the the method employed, but bandages should be worn for around ten days in case of blistering or bruising.
Result: There's a clear fading of the colour of the stretch marks and a noticeable improvement in the quality of the skin, but current technology doesn't make them disappear completely.
Price: From £75 per session. Not available on the NHS.


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