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Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review


 Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review

Cheryl Cole has a beautiful smile © Sipa - Invisible braces: Inman Aligner review
Cheryl Cole has a beautiful smile © Sipa
The perfect smile is the ultimate beauty accessory. It goes with any hair style, any outfit and matches any lip colour.

But the pursuit of the perfect smile is not always an easy path to tred.

Whilst A-listers, it-girls and 10 Years Younger contestants can all opt for expensive veneers (basically a whole new set of porcelain nashers) the rest of us have to opt for more pocket friendly ways to make the most of our pearly whites.

As well as having white teeth (easily achieved with Crest Whitening Strips), having teeth that align in that perfect white slice that Hollywood goddesses always possess, is high on any beauty wish list.

And according to research by the British Dental Health Foundation (May 2011) when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, 56% of people rated a good smile as the most important physical feature when it comes to attraction.

Not surprising really, when a nice smile can lead to a nice kiss. No one wants to lock lips with yellowing tombstones and crooked teeth.

I’ve never been completely happy with my teeth.

Whilst I’ve been lucky enough not to have to wear train-tracks or have teeth removed, my front incisors next to my two front teeth have always been at a funny angle, meaning that in any side profile shots it looks like my teeth are protruding, ready to attack the nearest person.

So when I heard that there was a way to straighten my slightly wonky teeth, in as little as six weeks, I had to find out more... “What is this invention?” I cried.

“The Inman Aligner,” I was told. An invisible brace.

The Inman Aligner - what is it?

The Inman Aligner is a fast and simple way of straightening crooked front teeth, for both top and bottom jaws.

In essence, it's a removable brace that applies continuous gentle pressure to straighten up your front teeth.

The initial treatment can usually be completed in 8-12 weeks and minor crowding can be corrected in 8 weeks or less. It is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in recent years in terms of orthadontics.

Cost wise it is also one of the most reasonably priced invisible brace solutions, with prices starting from £1,850.

Sounds almost too good to be true - so what is it really like?

I was game and put it to the test at The London Smile Clinic - here is my real life experience of the Inman Aligner and what you can really expect from it.

First Consultation

© Inman Aligner
© Inman Aligner
I arrived at the prestigious London Smile Clinic, (the only practice to have won the Private Practice of the Year twice and is the only practice in the UK with two British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Accredited dentists, Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith and Dr James Russell) where I was welcomed by name and asked to fill out the standard medical history form.

The clinic itself is clean and glossy and knowing the reputation of The London Smile Clinic I felt confident I was in good hands.

I was led into a consultation booth where the dental assistant talked to me about my teeth, what I was hoping to get out of the appointment and any issues I’d had previously.

She examined my teeth to check whether I would be a suitable candidate for the Inman Aligner treatment and promptly confirmed that my teeth were ideal. Hurray I thought. Instantly followed by a “OMG - is this really happening?!”

Part of me was nervous that changing my teeth with the Inman Aligner would be detrimental, even though it promised to give me that perfect smile. Surely moving your teeth quickly will cause stress on your gums? Apparently not so.

The Inman Aligner, is an invisible brace that moves your teeth rapidly- it can correct over-crowding and minor cases of alignment problems in as little as 6 weeks, although the majority of treatments take between 6 - 16 weeks in total.

Needless to say I was hopeful, if not shamelessly expecting, that my teeth adjustment would take the minimum amount of time - 6 weeks with braces... I could cope with that.

After my consultation with the dental nurse I met with leading cosmetic dentist and Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith who gave my mouth the once over with his instruments - you know, dental mirrors and what have you.

The Inman Aligner
The Inman Aligner
He photographed my top jaw using a mirror underneath so that I could see my teeth from his point of view, and so that he could identify how many millimetres of movement were needed to get my teeth perfectly in line.

It was surreal to see my teeth from underneath and the crooked angle of my incisors looked even more exaggerated when he uploaded the photograph to his computer screen.

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith concluded that there were 3mm of movement to achieve and that this could take between 16-20 weeks using the Inman Aligner.

Whilst I was pleased that my teeth could be improved using the Inman Aligner, I nearly fell over when he mentioned how long it could take.

I’m spoiled I know. Usually to achieve this kind of movement with traditional train tracks can take between 1-2 years and using other invisible braces like Invaslign also take much longer (and are more pricey too).

And that is the benefit of the Inman Aligner. It works quickly and it won’t break the bank. And let’s not forget it’s ‘invisible.’ (A word to always be skeptical with when it comes to braces).

Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith showed me a model of the Inman Aligner and it looked fairly inoffensive.

As soon as I gave the green light that I would like to proceed we got straight down to the next step of the process which is to take moulds of your teeth.

A blue putty with a chemical fragrance was poured into a mould which was then pressed into my upper and lower jaw. This was so that they could see how my teeth fit together and ensure the perfect match for my mouth when making the mould.

Whilst this was rather uncomfortable, Dr Tim Bradstock-Smith talked me through the process and thankfully didn’t ask me too many questions (why is it that dentists ask you things when your speech is completely incapacitated?)

After about 5 minutes or so the blue putty moulds were ready to send to the Inman Aligner manufacturer to make my brace, which usually takes two weeks to make.

A date was booked for my fitting and I left The London Smile Clinic happy that the smile of my dreams was only a few months away!

Read on to find out how it feels to have invisible braces fitted


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