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In-flight beauty essentials

We all like to get in tip-top condition ready to jet off on holiday. The problem is that even if you're buffed, waxed, exfoliated and silky smooth as a Greek waiter, you have to spend hours cooped up in a cabin full of dry, stale air!

Heer's our top beauty tips that will make sure you step off that plane looking and feeling as fresh as a daisy

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Pop a large bottle in your in-flight bag and keep drinking regularly. You can always drain your water before you go through security checks, keep the empty bottle and then refill it when you get to the gate. It's tempting to reach for the caffeine when you've been up since comic o'clock, but coffee only dehydrates you, as do alcohol and other diuretics. If you do take advantage of the in-flight bar, sup extra water to compensate. 


Simple Day Cream, £7.82
Simple Day Cream, £7.82

Dry, recycled cabin air is disastrous with a capital D for skin, so a tried-and-tested moisturizer is essential. Simple Day Cream (50ml) is an effective, fragrance-free moisturizer; Jergens Naturals Body Moisturizer, £2.44, comes in a handy 75ml size. Take a tip from the French and spritz your face with gentle spring water like Avene Thermal Spray, £2.98 for 50ml (all Boots.co.uk). Don't neglect your lips either. We love The Body Shop's new creamy Coconut Lip Butter, which just smells of suncream and holidays (£4.85, thebodyshop.co.uk). 

There's nothing worse than having to donate your precious products to security staff because they're over the liquid limit, and don't rely on low-cost airlines to provide in-flight bags - a free toilet is a luxury these days. If you want to rely on your usual products, invest in travel-sized bottles to decant your lotions and potions into for your 20cm by 20cm, 1 liter capacity resealable plastic bag. It's also worth keeping hold of freebies, samples and fragranced wipes to save space in your hand luggage.   

Relax your eyes
Dry air is unkind to tired eyes, especially for contact lense wearers. Recline, relax and cover your eyes with a soothing mask, and you'll forget you're even on a plane. Silkskin's luxurious eye mask, £29 from House of Fraser, is filled with organic lavender to soothe sensitive eyes and help induce sleep.

Condition your hair
Use leave-in conditioner to boost moisture levels and prevent an attack of the dreaded frizz monster. Try A’kin 24 Hour Intensive Moisture Leave-In Conditioner, £7.49, which can be used on wet or dry hair (decant into mini bottles for hand luggage!).

Prepare for landing
Slip an illuminating concealer stick in your plastic bag so that you can touch up dark circles and imperfections for landing. If all else fails, cultivate a bit of A-list mystique with a headband or scarf to slick your hair back, requisite oversized black sunnies and a slick of moisturizing lip gloss.

Canyon Sunglasses £80, All Saints
Canyon Sunglasses £80, All Saints

Sarah Horrocks


Sarah Horrocks
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