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How to Grow Your Eyebrows Back After An Over Tweezing Disaster

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 9, 2015

So many of us have been down this dark path. We think we're doing ourselves a world of good by keeping our eyebrows in check, but fail to notice when we're overdoing it. That is, of course, until it is too late. We'll look in the mirror only to see glimpses of what used to be beautiful brows; all a distant memory now. Devastating. But there's hope! Here's how you can grow your eyebrows back after a major over tweezing disaster.

There's no stressing just how important eyebrows are to the face. Depending on how they're groomed, they can change your overall look. It's why it's so important to make sure you're taking care of them just right. That means not getting too crazy with plucking and knowing once you've reached your limit. But we get it, accidents happen. Sometimes we get carried away and end up with barely there brows. What to do then?

We got in contact with Malynda Vigliotti, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar and she shared some fab tips on how to grow your eyebrows back after you've done your damage. The great news? They can be salvaged. All it takes is a little TLC and patience.

Here's what Malynda had to say.

Remember: Brows should be sisters NOT twins

Prevention is always better than the cure. Before you even think about tweezing away your beautiful brows, you need to know the basics. According to Malynda, that includes knowing that they should be sisters, not twins.

"Don't try to make them EXACTLY alike, just symmetrical," She shared. "Don’t take too much off. Make sure they are long, start and end at the right spot and they are full, but groomed."

Your best bet to is make sure they look as natural as possible.

The most common mistake people make...

Malynda confirmed: "Taking off too much. It can ruin the arch, and brows can become too thin, short and sometimes hair does not grow back. I always tell people to step away and put down the tweezers."

That's right, ladies. In case you had any doubt, you can in fact take off too much. Take the word from our expert!

When tragedy strikes, seek professional help

Sure we can all appreciate a little DIY, but when it all heads south, we shouldn't be afraid to seek help. To get your brows back into top form, Malynda says, "Start with a professional wax to clean up strays and make brows look bolder during the grow out phase." Then comes the hard part: not touching them for an entire month!

"The goal is to get hair on the same growth cycle so it grows in and can be removed at the same time," she went on. "Once hair is on the same cycle, brows can be groomed just once a month. "

Try fighting back with a serum

Once you've got your eyebrows all cleaned up, try using the Boom Boom Brow Job Grow Serum and their Brow Boostier Powder to fill in those sparse spots.

The grow serum has vitamin peptides and growth hormone, which is exactly what's needed! For maximum effectiveness, it should be used twice a day.

"After three weeks little hairs start to sprout and in four to six weeks you can be back in the game."

Use eyebrow tints


Still feeling a bit antsy and need a quick fix? Give eyebrow tints a shot. They're a vegetable-based dye that lasts three to four weeks (and only takes about 10 minutes to apply). They're used to make your brows look bigger and thicker. See how they're used in the clip above!

How to look groomed during the growing out process

Show us a woman who doesn't hate the eyebrow growing out process and we'll show you a saint! It can be a miserable time when we feel less than 100%. But there's no need to worry. To still maintain your decency all you have to do is:

  • Use Boom Boom Push Up brow highlighting pencil’s matte side to conceal new growth, and simply draw on area and blend.
  • Brush hair up and out to create a unified shape and help strays blend in.
  • Apply a brow powder (try Boom Boom Boostier brow powder) to define the shape and blend drifters.

Malynda is here to save lives!

Parting advice: Be patient and just let 'em grow

No matter how tempted you are to get your brows done, you have to wait them out. When you make it through to the other side, trust us, you'll feel like a brand new woman!

Hopefully it will be a lesson well learned!

Have any tips for growing brows back? We'd love to hear them! Tweet us @wewomenUSA.

This article was written by Cliché. Follow her @CalamityCliche.

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard
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