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Which Method is best ?

Which Method is best ?

The good old razor has changed a lot since the days of the disposable blade.  It now comes in a range of girly colours to look stylish on your bathroom shelf, harnessing shaving technology which was previously only available to men, like multiple pivoting blades and hydrating strips which leave the skin smooth and supple.

Advantages:  A cheap, quick solution for underarms before you throw on a cami, or a quick once-over for the legs before you take to the streets in your new mini.

Drawbacks:  Hair grows back very quickly, so if you have strong hair growth you may need to shave every day.  A good option for those with fine body hair.

Tips:  Always choose a sensitive skin razor with a moisturizing strip whatever skin type you have, as shaving strips away several layers of skin and with them, the skin’s natural oils.


Sarah Horrocks
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