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Thou shalt:

Thou shalt:

1 Exfoliate! 
Prepare your skin properly for hair removal by exfoliating well beforehand. This will remove dead skin cells and stop the formation of hairs underneath the skin.

2 Never use alcohol-based products
Don't use anything containing alcohol (perfume or deodorant, for example) after removing hair. The burning sensation can be nasty! 

3 Moisturize
Soothe your skin after hair removal by applying a nourishing moisturizing cream or essential oils. They'll also leave your legs smelling sweet.

4 Say no to regrowth!
To limit the amount of times you have to wax/shave/epilate, try anti-regrowth creams. They help keep you stubble-free and smoother for longer.

5 Get a perfect finish
If you need to, finish off with your tweezers for a beach-perfect result.


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