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How does waxing work?

How does waxing work?

Hot, warm or cold, wax is the preferred hair removal technique par excellence of those who know their stuff when it comes to beauty. Your armpits, legs and bikini line stay fuzz-free for long periods and the more you wax, the weaker your hair becomes, the slower your regrowth and the less pain you suffer!

+ Heat dilates your pores and makes hair removal easy. Waxing works on hair of any length and gives you smooth, perfect legs for 3-4 weeks.
- You can burn yourself wiith hot wax, so make sure you only heat it for the time indicated on the packet. To make things easier, go for a warm wax you apply with a roller and heat in the microwave. If you have circulation problems, go for ready-to-use strips of cold wax, but if you've got sensitive skin or a low pain threshold cold wax might be best avoided!

Tips: Exfoliate your legs the day before to get rid of dead skin cells and hairs growing back under your skin. Heat the wax in a microwave or slowly over hot water, spread it over your skin using a wooden spatula in strips of 5cm width and 0.5cm thickness. When the wax has stuck, remove the strip in one go, pulling against the direction your hairs grow in, as parallel to your leg as possible, keeping hold of your leg. Get rid of any residue by applying nourishing essential oils.

Used on:
Legs, pits, bikini line and area above your lips where some women get hair.
Pain factor: 6/10. They do say you have to suffer to look good...


Sarah Horrocks
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