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Shaving and using creams

Shaving and using creams

Razors and creams are speedy and easy, practical and painless: ideal if you're in a hurry or, like us, too much of a wimp to wax! The big disadvantage is that the hair grows back extremely quickly and you need to touch up or re-do your legs almost on a daily basis.

Shaving: the pros and cons
Quick, cheap and painless! Shaving gives you smooth legs and shouldn't give you a rash or spots. Many brands sell razors specifically designed for women, with a curvy shape and in girly colours.
- Razors cut the visible part of the hair, they don't get rid of the whole hair. Your skin only stays smooth for a very short time, and regrowth is very fast. Most women need to touch up every day to get rid of irritating stubbly regrowth.

Tips: Shave in the shower. Hot water softens your skin and makes it easier. Apply shaving gel, mousse or soap so that the blade moves smoothly over your skin, and shave from the ankle to the knee. Rinse and moisturize your legs with soothing cream.
Use on: Legs and armpits.
Pain factor: 0/10 - good news if you've a low pain threshold!

Depilatory cream: the pros and cons
Quick, painless and more and more effective, depilatory cream is also easy on sensitive skin. It often contains moisturizing agents and is delicately fragranced, leaving your skin satiny-smooth, moisturized and smelling sweet in just a few minutes. What's more, the hairs don't irritate when they grow back.
Regrowth is slower than for shaving, but the hairs will start to come back around 3 or 4 days afterwards.

Tips: Apply to clean, dry skin before you shower. Wait a few minutes, then rinse well. The active chemicals in depilatory cream remove the hair from the root, but don't get rid of it completely. They do weaken the hairs so that they grow back softer. Moisturize after rinsing.

Use on: Legs, armpits and bikini line.
Pain factor: 0/10 - a godsend for wimps!


Sarah Horrocks
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