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7 wrinkle prevention tips for every gal in her 20s

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 14, 2015

For the most part, when you're in your twenties, you can still get away with only a few hours of sleep following an inebriated evening without your face giving the game away. But be careful! The key to preventing wrinkles is to take precautions as soon as possible. But how? Here are our tips.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Time and again, we hear that the sun is very harmful to the skin. Sunscreen is the best way to prevent aging. We should use sunscreen every day of the year, not just when it's sunny. Neither is it sufficient to apply only one coat a day. The secret lies in a generous and repeated application. For sensitive or oily skin, there are sunscreen formulas containing zinc oxide with a matte finish. For normal to dry skin, opt for a mineral cream without chemicals. For the more lax among us, it is possible to find sprinkling powders for the face that offer a quick and easy protection from the sun.

Drink Lots of Water

We have always heard that we need to drink eight glasses of water a day. In fact, there is no magic number. Water requirements vary depending on body mass index, activity level, health status, and ambient temperature. There are many methods for calculating the amount of water each person should drink daily (e.g., MyWater or AddWater). It is good to drink water when you wake up and to always have some with you (at the office, in your purse, at the gym).

Take a Nap!

When you sleep, your body repairs the damage done during the day. It renews cells and helps blood circulation, which prevents your complexion from becoming pale. A lack of sleep can worsen almost all skin conditions, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, and… you guessed it: aging. The term beauty sleep is not a myth, ladies!

Eat Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Rich in fibre, such foods are low in saturated fats at the same time that they are a good source of vitamins. There are high concentrations of antioxidants in green vegetables, fruits (grapes, blueberries, red berries, etc.), nuts, sweet potatoes, and orange vegetables (butternut squash is one example), as well as green tea.

Use an Eye Cream

From an early age, you can help prevent wrinkles from forming around your eyes, given that the first signs of aging appear in that area of your face. If you begin to see the emergence of small crow's feet at the corner of your eyes, it's time to find a good cream!

Make Sure to Get Facials

Some dermatologists recommend a monthly deep-cleaning treatment of the facial pores. Let's agree that it would be reasonable for a girl in her twenties, like you, to assure a good cleaning at every change of season. This helps to prevent aging of the skin and kills the bacteria that cause acne. So, make an appointment with your beautician and set a moment aside for yourself!

Adopt a Beauty Routine that Fits Your Needs

You should buy products appropriate for your skin type in order to keep it healthy. It is also important to wash your face thoroughly before going to bed so as to remove any makeup residue, oil, and bacteria that may have accumulated during the day. So you clean, exfoliate, and apply a tonic and anti-aging serum before bedtime! However, you should go easy with anti-aging products. Some products contain powerful ingredients that can prove to be too active for young skin and can increase acne breakouts.

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