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21 Tips to Always Be at Your Best for a Photograph

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on July 6, 2015

You say you aren't photogenic? Not true! You're simply doing it wrong. In the era of selfies and Instagram, it's best to know how to be at your best. Here are 21 surefire tips for great pictures every time.

1. Stretch your neck.

Without forcing it, of course!

2. Tilt your chin slightly downward or upward.

Depending on what makes you look best.


3. Extend your head forward.

This helps to avoid the “double chin” effect.


4. Hold your shoulders back.

Roll your shoulders back and keep your back straight!


5. Pinch your cheeks to give them a touch of colour.

Very convenient tactic – especially in winter, when we all so pale.


6. Lean your body forward toward the camera at an angle of 45 degrees.

Classic red-carpet pose! Lean your shoulder into the camera, while keeping the weight on your back leg.


7. Say the word “prune”...

That the Olsen twins' trick. It relaxes your mouth and inflates the upper lip. Try it and see!

8. Never take a selfie from a low angle – when the camera lens is located under your face.

You'll always look a little like this...

9. Just before the photo is taken, think of something funny and then look at the camera.

Your eyes will shine!


10. Try to smile with your face, not just your mouth.

This is the #1 advice of Tyra Banks!


11. Push your tongue against your palate when you smile.

It gives you a slightly coquettish air.


12. Just before a photo, pass your hand through your hair.

This will give it more volume.


13. Or lean your head down then up.

Va va voum! The hair of a goddess in no time.


14. Determine your best angle in front of a mirror.

We all have a “best profile.”


15. Avoid taking a picture when you are looking toward the sun.

While trying not to blink, who hasn't shed a tear by having her picture taken in broad daylight?

16. If there is little light, don't use a flash.

At your peril!


17. The light of the sunset flatters EVERYBODY.

Late afternoon is the perfect time to get out your camera!


18. If you can, pat your skin to remove the shine.

If no tissue paper is at hand, you can use your hair!


19. To avoid red eye, look at a point of light to reduce the size of your pupils.

We don't like the Twilight look when it comes to pictures of ourselves.


20. If you don't like a part of your body, move it away from the camera!

Whatever is closest to the lens appears larger.


21. Practice makes perfect!

By taking a lot of pictures, you'll learn to put all this stuff in practice


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