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20 Surface Piercings Ideas That Are Unexpectedly Beautiful

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on June 25, 2015

To celebrate International Piercing Day, we're celebrating those crazy creatives out there who want to get pierced wherever they like. Surface piercings are body piercings that go through the skin, and connect two studs. It may not be right for everyone, but it's an unusual and freaking cool way of expressing yourself if you're daring enough! Here are some gorgeous surface piercings for inspiration!

Just a tiny hint of a wild side every time you put your hair up - love it!

Who was ever happy with just one belly button piercing, really?!

Forget bracelets! Decorate your wrist another way...

So simple, these finger surface piercings look awesome!

Subtle yet pretty facial piercing.

We love these cute, not-quite-earrings studs!

Who knew chest surface piercings could look so hawt?!

Ever thought about surface piercings in your hips? We love it!

Studs right under your collar bone will look ah-maz-ing.

Add a hint of wildness with this surface piercing on the back of your neck.

We love love LOVE the tattoo-piercing combo!

The neck surface piercing looks especially amazing with a short bob!

Show a glimpse of your surface piercing by having it on your side.

On both sides of the tongue? ARGH.

Need it.

A little wrist bling

It's so much nicer than we thought it could be!

This scaffolding look SO good!

That's it. We're getting one.

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