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10 Canadian Products that Deserve to Go from Store Shelves to Our Bathroom Shelves

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on March 25, 2015

You already know the Lise Watier, Annabelle, and Marcelle of this world, but did you know that there is a whole market of cosmetic products manufactured here?

Nectar Absolu Face Serum from OFFICINA - $25.00

Tonic, conditioner, moisturizer, and softener, this nectar moisturizes deeply and smooths the skin for a radiant complexion. Sugar maple, blueberry, and orange blossom are among the ingredients that make your skin feel ultra silky. Its nutritional properties penetrate deeply, leaving no visible trace on your skin ... just the effect! Yours to discover!

Radiance Booster SPF 15 BB Cream from JOUVIANCE - $40.00

Essential for the coming good weather, since this BB cream unifies the complexion and restores radiance while protecting the face from harmful UV rays. A lighter alternative to foundation for a more natural result. While restoring radiance and luminosity to the complexion, Jouviance BB cream smooths and unifies the skin, removes signs of fatigue, and protects from UV rays, without chemicals. What could be better?

Regenerating Hydrating Cream from MEKAR - $44.95

With the highs and lows in our temperature, it is best to arm ourselves with a doubly effective cream to protect our skin. This one is 99% natural and 22% organic, so it may be applied generously. Hyaluronic acid retains moisture, argan oil protects and repairs, meadowfoam softens, and rosehip helps to improve the appearance and texture of the skin.

Nectar Exfoliating Scrub from EXODEUS - $69.00

This chic little flask contains an absolutely divine scrub for the face. An exfoliating and moisturizing scrub that revitalizes cells while relieving dry skin. A beautiful luxury to add to your wish list! The scrub contains many magical ingredients like Himalayan salt crystals, nourishing rosehip, avocado, and argan oils that moisturize and repair the skin.

Natural Mascara from NOBLESSENCE - $19.99

Made from natural ingredients, this Noblessence mascara coats the lashes well, giving them a healthy and natural appearance. Noblessence is a Montreal shop that gives courses on how to manufacture its own beauty products while offering a variety of natural cosmetics.

Base Stick to it from LILI ROUGE - $20.00

This base eyeshadow brings out the powdered pigments for an even more dazzling effect! In addition, it increases the longevity of your favourite products and will be your best ally for those long days. The product contains neither parabens nor chemicals!

Kumquat and Mango Body Scrub from BELLA PELLA - $19.95

Bella Pella cosmetics, most of which are handmade with a respect for the environment, are produced from natural ingredients with exotic fragrances. Quebec maple syrup, pure brown sugar, coconut oil, and shea butter are the ingredients in this scrub that exfoliates the surface of your skin while hydrating deeply. One stone, two birds! Step out of your shower or bath smelling sweet, but also lively!

Moroccanoil Treatment from MOROCCANOIL - $47.00

Hollywood stars are snapping it up and all the fashion magazines in the world are talking about it: you've surely already heard of Morrocanoil products. But did you know that it's a Quebec brand? The capillary treatment completely transforms and repairs the hair. Its formula contains proteins to strengthen hair, fatty acids, omega-3, and vitamins to make the hair shine as well as antioxidants to protect it.

Body Milk from the Être Collection of BLEU LAVANDE - $18.00

This rich body lotion has been designed to restore tone and suppleness to your skin thanks to its moisturizing action. Let yourself be lulled by its enveloping sweetness while benefiting from its properties as an antioxidant, moisturizer, and free radicals fighter. Savour the sensation of freshness and well-being created by true lavender essential oil.

Goat Milk Soaps from DRUIDE - $

This organic goat milk and almond soap is rich in milk proteins that nourish, soften, and soothe sensitive skin. The active ingredients stimulate and balance while chamomile acts as a softener. Druid is one of the largest organic cosmetic lines certified by Ecocert, an internationally recognized standard.

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