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Petrified of losing his locks

Petrified of losing his locks
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Players fear losing their locks almost more than wrinkles, but some poor men have to cope with hair loss at a very young age, or else shave their heads to make it less obvious they're going bald on top! The classic player likes to be able to run his hands through his well-conditioned locks, and has been known to resort to nutritional supplements in order to retain a full head of hair.

To strengthen and revitalize weak hair and prevent hair loss, this supplement is ideal for the player. It contains B Vitamins and cystine to stimulate the production of keratin right at the bulbs of the hair, aiding growth. 2 capsules a day for 3 months and he should see a difference!

Oenobiol Anti Hair Loss, £10.82
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Sarah Horrocks
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