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Gutlift: Wave Goodbye To Your Jelly Belly

A new treatment offers an easy way to reduce your wobbly tummy without having to set foot in the gym. JULIE PENFOLD reports on the Gutlift.

©Caci - Gutlift: Wave Goodbye To Your Jelly Belly

So your summer getaway with your partner is fast approaching, or a lad’s holiday is on the cards and you want to look your best for the hordes of sun-worshiping ladies, or maybe you’re soon to get married and you’ve noticed something of a wobble to your belly and the arrival of a paunch. Don’t despair dear boys, as the quick-fix mother of all male makeovers has arrived – the Gutlift...

It may sound terrifying and more than a little surgical, but this non-invasive treatment will work wonders to re-educate your work-shy stomach muscles, improving tone and elasticity. And if you’re feeling a little insecure about your moobs or saggy bum; a Mooblift and Bumlift are also available courtesy of Karine Jackson.

The Caci Gutlift is a non-surgical body toning procedure that offers the same results in 10 sessions as a whole six months of abdominal crunches in the gym. The benefits are evident from the first session. Obviously, as with all non-invasive body treatments, coupling this with eating reasonably healthily and regular trips to the gym will maximize results. The procedure first emerged in the medical field to help improve muscle contour, blood and lymph circulation and was originally used to re-train the muscles of people with degenerative muscle disorders. The Caci system utilizes the latest in non-surgical lifting techniques, tightening and toning sagging muscles by re-training them to stay tight and firm.

So, how does this all work you may wonder. With the Caci, electrical impulses trigger muscles to contract and just 20-minutes of the currents working your abdomen is the equivalent of 350 sit-ups. The burning sensation you find across your muscles after stomach crunches is non-existent with the Caci Gutlift as you do not have the build-up of lactic acid which occurs through vigorous exercise. In a nutshell, you just lie back, steady yourself for the currents and watch the magic happen.


For ultimate great results, the old adage ‘no pain no gain’ applies. More current equals more pain but better results. When you can visibly see the muscles contracting and feel the abdominal area tightening, it pushes you on to experience a little more pain, under the expert guidance of Liesl and Samantha at Karine Jackson, as you know the toned, flab-free final results will be well worth it.

One man who is midway through his Gutlift transformation and who wishes to protect his identity to avoid a possible ribbing from his mates, is certainly impressed with the progress his flab is making.
“I'm going to the gym but you know how it is, results take a while. The gutlift managed to lift my confidence and made me realize the value of training and exercise too.  Because I've had to commit to a few sessions I've tied it in with my gym regime. It's really made a difference to my belly which is now firmer and narrower and has motivated me to get shot of all the remaining fat once and for all.”

Lie back and think of the beach while the Caci machine does the hard work for you.

The Caci non-surgical Gut/Bum/Moob-Lift £40 each or £310 for 10 treatments. Available at Karine Jackson Hair & Beauty, 24 Litchfield Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9NJ. Tel (0207) 8360300/www.karinejackson.co.uk


Julie Penfold
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