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The girl's guide to buying presents for men
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What if he doesn't like your present?


> Don't panic
Made a huge gaffe? Don't worry: it doesn't make you a bad girlfriend/partner/wife! "Just because he doesn't like your present doesn't mean you don't know each other well or you're not right for each other: it just means you're still getting to know each other, which is positive! If you're always discovering more about each other, you're forging stronger links and becoming closer," advises Sophie Cadalen. So don't beat yourself up about it! 

> Exchange and learn
"Take the opportunity to learn more about what he really wants, and suggest you go and exchange the present together, if he's up for it."
There's nothing shameful about changing a gift, so turn it into a positive and take notes on his likes and tastes. 


Sarah Horrocks
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