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The girl's guide to buying presents for men
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Hidden messages in presents


"Send out the message you want to get across. He’ll interpret it in his own way - it's not something you can control,” says Sophie Cadalen. Stick to what message you want to send him as far as you can, without speculating about what his intentions are!
> Does the price tag matter? 
Expensive watches, designer shoes, luxury gadgets, swish briefcases…but love don't cost a thing, right? J.Lo's bang on, says our expert. "If you give him an expensive present to show him how much you love him, he may either think you have a bit of a showy side or get embarrassed if he hasn’t splashed out as much on your present.” It doesn’t matter how big or expensive your gift is: it’s the thought behind it and the desire to please that count! 
> Do generic gifts work?
Tokens, gift vouchers, invitations for meals out or Smartbox-style experience vouchers don’t make very personal gifts, but they can be handy if you’re completely snookered. Bear in mind that many people think generic gifts indicate you either don't care or you couldn’t be bothered to look for something personal. However, Sophie Cadalen says a generic gift is better than a gaffe: "A voucher to choose his own gift says ‘I wasn’t sure what you’d really like’ and reveals a lack of confidence, but it's worse to get him a present that you're convinced he'll love and just isn't his thing at all.


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