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The girl's guide to buying presents for men
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Panicking about getting it right? Get things in perspective, says Sophie Cadalen - because we often over-exaggerate the importance of what we get our beloved for Crimbo. Christmas is the most stressful and emotional time to shop for your other half: "we're overcome with conflicting feelings: obligation to buy, expectancy and affection."
Christmas is also a family time, with all the hope and disappointment this entails. Don’t build up expectations too much and think of your presents to each other as a reflection of your love, or you’re bound to be disappointed when you tear off the wrapping paper.
> Accept that you might get it wrong
It's impossible to know everything about his likes and dislikes, says Sophie Cadalen. "You have to admit you don't necessarily know what each other would like. You don’t know everything about each other! Giving a gift means giving a little of yourself as well as giving what you guess each other would like."

> Stress not!
Don’t forget what you want to give him and say to him, rather than just thinking ‘What does he want?’, suggests Sophie Cadalen. "If all you think about is what he wants – or what YOU think he wants - your shopping trip will be more stressful than rewarding. If you do want to be absolutely sure of getting him something he wants, you’re better off involving him, to make your task easier."  If this is the case, either ask him for a list or take him shopping with you and let him choose.


Sarah Horrocks
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