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The girl's guide to buying presents for men
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Christmas presents for the man in your life


Trend spotter Vincent Gregoire's mantra for 2008 is that no gift should be futile. "Think practical, intelligent and responsible presents. Forget rubbish that will either gather dust or get sold on e-Bay. Go for classic gifts, but with a modern or updated twist."
> High-tech gadgets, for switched-on guys
"The biggest trend is for swish external hard drives and USB memory sticks." Hardly glamorous, but these are sure to make him happy. Home cinema is always in vogue, but plump for gift vouchers and let him do the purchasing. "Men like to be able to choose home cinema equipment themselves." A computer is a safe bet, as long as it looks good (think shiny black slim models!), but stay away from digital technology and cameras or your good intentions could fall flat. "Men don't appreciate things which revolve around images as much as women," says Sophie Cadalen.
> Swish gifts with a purpose, for cool dudes
Gifts for his house or flat are perfectly acceptable, as long as you go for something designer (or designer looking!) - or vintage, if he's into retro. Useless trinkets will disappoint, but objects that look good and have a purpose will go down well, like lamps, trays or vases.
> Cooking utensils, for wannabe chefs
"This year's revolution is going to be the male invasion of the kitchen," according to Vincent Gregoire. Best news we’ve had all year! If your beloved is a dab hand in the kitchen, he'll be thrilled with a cooking course, lessons, a recipe book, a set of cast iron pans, swish utensils or kitchen gadgets. Or get in on the trend for premium products that combine quality with aesthetic value and treat him to some luxury coffee in swish pots or tins, wine or whisky in collector’s edition bottles.
> Books to cherish, for literary lovers
Beautiful books always make welcome presents. "Three big topics that men like to read about are architecture, design and travel," says Vincent Gregoire. Avoid naughty lit (it's a chick thing) or gardening books (gardening will be off the male agenda this year, apparently).
> Sporty surprises, for action men
Sport has a much more glamorous image than it did a few years ago. Trendy forms of low-impact exercise such as yoga and Pilates are in vogue for men, so why not treat him to a taster course (alternatively, Sky Sports or tickets to the Boxing Day game if he's more of an armchair sportsman!). Footie shirts in blinding colours or outdated accessories are no-nos, though, says Vincent Gregoire.


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