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Georgina: my husband had a secret affair

Georgina: my husband had a secret affair

Georgina, 35, is a cost controller and lives in Birmingham

"I swear she's just a friend!" Well I'd much rather she was just a friend, the pretty girl in the short skirt who used to hang around my husband. But if that was the case, why did he never introduce me to her? I started asking myself questions, and then I discovered by husband of five years having lunch on the terrace of a posh restaurant with his "friend". Yet the night before, he'd said he couldn't have lunch with me because "Too much work, darling". He initially seemed embarrassed, before gathering himself together and introducing me to Emily, his "colleague".

I didn't make a scene, I was too surprised. I just left them to have lunch in peace, telling myself that we'd sort things out at home in the evening. But his reasons were lousy and there were too many of them for me to believe. They needed to get away from the busy office; it was such a nice day; they hadn't planned to have lunch; and yes, he had already told me about working with Emily, but what was I supposed to believe? That he cheated on me? He swore that he hadn't, and that it was just a misunderstanding.

Maybe he didn't sleep with this girl. Maybe he had had no intention to at all. What disappointed me is that he lied to me, or in any case, he tried to twist the truth. That's what made me feel totally betrayed.


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