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Claire: my friend didn't stick up for me

Claire: my friend didn't stick up for me

Claire, 33, is lawyer and lives in Sheffield

I know my friends like I know myself: I know their faults and their qualities. It's only natural, seeing as we've known each other for ten years and saw each other practically every day. We went to school and university together and our boyfriends are mates! So there are some things that I can forgive them for, although if it was anyone else they'd have no chance!

There's Charlotte, who's always putting her foot in it. She doesn't know how to keep a secret and you get the impression that a lot of stuff goes over her head. It's annoying sometimes but I know that there's no malice in her. And when I've had enough, I can always turn to Abigail: she's got a similar character to me and has the same ideas.

That's what I did the last time I got annoyed with Charlotte. I told her that I was pregnant and asked her not to tell anyone because I wanted to tell people myself. But as soon as she bumped into someone before I'd had chance to tell them, she blurted it out. I was fuming. I really got mad with her and ended up phoning Abigail so I could calm down. But she told me I was overreacting, that I was being ridiculous and making a mountain out of a molehill.
I don't hold it against Charlotte any more, but things aren't the same as they were with Abigail.


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