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Sophie: my friend wanted my opportunity of a lifetime

Sophie: my friend wanted my opportunity of a lifetime

Sophie, 28, actress in London

Stephanie and I are both in the same boat, trying to become established actresses. It's our passion and we're willing to do anything to get there. Even though, it's far from straightforward. We met through a setback, in fact. Both of us went to the same audition. Out of 100 girls, they knocked us down to just three: Stephanie, me, and another girl. And they chose the other girl. So off we went to drown our sorrows together, and became inseparable. We helped each other repeat lines, gave each other advice, we even wrote a script together. We were basically joined at the hip.

When I found out that a well-known American film-maker was looking for a young, unknown British actress for a small part, I phoned Steph so we could try our luck. But she wasn't very encouraging. She explained that we'd have our scenes cut, and that this film-maker was pretty bad! And she even ended the conversation with: "Well if you really want to go, go on then". So I decided to go and asked her if she'd come with me, to give me a bit of support. Once we were there, I don't know what came over her but she decided to audition as well! So we were in competition with each other, like we often were, but this time I felt like she was cheating. As a result, I lost it and didn't perform well. The only saving grace is that she didn't get the role either.


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