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Deborah: my friend slept with the guy I was mad about

Deborah: my friend slept with the guy I was mad about

Deborah, 35, landscape architect in Manchester

Five years ago, I left the town I grew up in and set up home in Manchester. One of the first people I met was my neighbour and we quickly became good friends. As luck would have it, Natalie was one of only a few people who shared the same, bizarre sense of humour as me, and with her Mancunian accent, she often had me in fits of laughter! She soon became quite protective of me. She introduced me to her circle of friends and when one of them started asking really personal questions about why I'd moved, she soon told them to give it a rest! I knew that if I wanted to divulge my life story she'd be there to listen, but if I wanted to keep things to myself, she wouldn't be offended either. It was perfect.

Well, it was until the day that I introduced her to Phil, my best friend. I was afraid that they wouldn't get on very well, but I couldn't have been more wrong. They ended up spending the night together - just like that. Whereas I'd never dared go that far <ith him. I'd already thought about it but I convinced myself that it was a bad idea. Phil was my best friend after all, it would have been too much of a risk to attempt anything. And of course I'd told Natalie all about the feelings I had for him...


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