How to know when a relationship is over
Enough is enough
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Enough is enough

"Let's just give it one last try..."

Sound familiar?

At some point, you have to realize that if it's not working, it's not going to work.

"If the two of you are just a bad fit — you argue regularly, have little in common or just can’t seem to coexist in a calm dynamic without endless drama — then enough is enough,"

Kate puts her foot down. "You’re like anchovies and strawberries: delicious apart but revolting together."

The only time it may be worth giving a failed relationship another go is if there were tangible obstacles to your happiness as a couple that have now been fixed.

"If there are definite, fixable reasons for a split — you move to different towns, for example, or one of you goes through a period of depression — then, if you can support each other through the challenges, it might work if you try again," says Kate.

But sometimes, you've just gotta know when to apply the brakes.

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