How to know when a relationship is over
Hot & cold
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Hot & cold

If he's playing you hot and cold, it's probably time to let your relationship cool down completely.

Kate explains that on-again-off-again romances can be pretty attractive at first, but always end up destructive.

"It's particularly addicitve because the relationship never reaches a point of boredom or safety," she says. "Trust, however, can't be built in an on/off relationship as every split weakens it."

If you find yourself going back and forth between dating a guy and not, you probably can't expect much more than purely physical attraction.

And if you're looking for a proper relationship, it has to stop. 

"This type of relationship can keep you hanging on for YEARS," explains Kate.

Maybe one of you needs the control of being able to turn things off at your fancy or maybe you thrive on the challenge of winning the other person back.

Whatever the reason, it's time to get it over with for good.

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