How to know when a relationship is over
Casual beginnings
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Casual beginnings

If he hasn't proposed within the first few weeks of knowing you, it doesn't mean he's not in it for the long run!

Don't worry if you haven't discussed your future together while you're still in your first year of romance. It's only the beginning, not the end.

"Before 12 months, most people won’t feel comfortable talking about the real long-term plans in life (moving in together, getting married etc.)," explains Kate.

"A partner isn’t 'wasting your time' or 'stringing you along' if they’ve dated you for six months without mentioning the future."

We know it's difficult if you're a long term relationship addict, but try not to go overboard with planning for marriage and kids if your partner's not ready to talk about it yet. You don't want to scare off Mr. Right.

"He's just getting to know you and finding out if you’re compatible," says Kate. "Relax!"

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