How to know when a relationship is over
Is it just a lull?
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Is it just a lull?

"Healthy relationships don’t just fizzle out," says Kate. "You’ll know when a relationship ends because there will be a definite moment when it ends."

So if you keep telling yourself that you're just going through a temporary lull, and there's no reason for your rough patch, bear in mind that it might not be so temporary after all. Maybe it's just not meant to be.

However, Kate explains that the rules are a bit different if your relationship is still in its initial few months.

"There can be panic when a couple of days go by without any contact," she says. "I’d always say, never assume the worst. If a date hasn’t contacted you for a couple of days, think back to your last encounter with them: was it normal, fun, happy?

If it was, then assume everything is OK and either call them to say hello, or go about your own lovely life and wait to hear from them."

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