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Family conflict, relationships and family, argument, parents

Family conflict, relationships and family, argument, parents

Jenny, 28, London
My parents are both crazy hippy types and brought me and my sisters up in a very liberal way. We were brought up to be anti-religion, institutions and police - they believe in anarchy basically! But I never really felt part of that: I'm close to my parents because they're intelligent and really lively. I just used to think that everyone thought people were free to do what they want as long as it doesn't bother anyone else. I was wrong.

When my husband asked me if he wanted to get married in church, of couse I said yes straight away! Then my parents made it clear they wouldn't come because they'd never set foot in a church. But I loved him and if it was important for him to get married in front of God in a church I'd do it for him. I did really miss my parents being there when I went into the church, but I don't regret what I did. 

Sophie: When you meet someone, beliefs are an important barrier to cross. You reconstruct your own beliefs, explore new ones and invent new norms for yourself. You realize that everything can be doubted, and that's really important. Of course, you can have problems if one of you tries to overturn and change their beliefs just to be like the other, but this wasn't the case with Jenny. She agreed to getting married in a church because it was important to her husband, even if she isn't religious herself. That's what it means to be free. You need to think outside the box of what you 'must' or 'mustn't' do and think of what you want or don't want to do. That's exactly what Helen did and she pushed her boundaries back in the process.


Sarah Horrocks
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