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Following your love, travelling together, passion

Following your love, travelling together, passion

Helen, 36, London
We'd been planning 2 weeks in Mexico, and my husband booked time off work so we could go away together. I wasn't working at the time, and then suddenly I found the dream job I couldn't turn down. I couldn't go to Mexico and I had to take him to the airport and see him off on his own. I was gutted! 
After a week I couldn't stand it any longer. I pretended to be ill and got my dad, who's a GP, to write me a sick note. And I booked a flight to Mexico for the most incredible week of my life. Luckily I didn't come back too tanned, otherwise I think my new boss would have been a bit suspicious...

Sophie It might seem a bit risky to pull a sickie and just head off into the sunset, but actually the opposite is true. We're constantly being told that you have to make choices in life and that you can't "have it all," but why shouldn't you sometimes? 'You can't have it all' is a tiresome, tiring and restrictive mantra to have. Helen managed to have it all, her new job and her dream holiday. Yes it was a risk, but it paid off. It wasn't all about luck, because subconsciously Helen was thinking it through and calculating how she could have it all. It was well-planned. If she hadn't gone, she'd have felt as if she'd missed her chance. Helen won't regret her decision and because she didn't go for the full 2 weeks she won't run into difficulties or too much guilt at work.


Sarah Horrocks
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