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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tired of being mum to a man who drinks, eats and smokes too much


Monday was a tequila party to celebrate Charlie's return from Mexico; Tuesday was pizza, beers and footie; Wednesday was a BBQ with his work colleagues...

On nights out, it's impossible to stop him, you're always the last ones to leave the party/pub/club. Whether it's food, alcohol or cigarettes, he always goes too far. You're constantly having to set him limits! And afterwards, he moans about being too fat/having a headache/coughing all the time.

When excesses become habits, it's not necessarily your maternal skills that you should resort to, try out your paternal ones instead. Your partner may have missed out on a fatherly influence.

"Some mothers have exclusive relationships with their children, and the father isn't able to lay down limits," explains Marie-Laure Colonna.

Once an adult, your man continues to ignore rules. Indulged by his mother, he puts you to the test and requires you to put the boundaries back in place.

Just between us
Before launching into a tirade of criticism, stop and ask yourself about your own limits in life. We all have our flaws and excesses... shopping, sport, chocolate, diets, etc. But he doesn't go making accusations, does he?

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