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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tired of being his mum - men who always forget things


He goes out in winter without his sweater, he forgets his umbrella when it's raining, and doesn't think to take a spare pair of shoes to Glastonbury.

It's the same story with sun cream in the summer...

As a result, he returns home either soaked to the bone or as red as a lobster. You have to think about eveything for him... you're a real mother hen.

At first glance, he needs looking after. "His mother probably overprotected him so he's got used to it," says Sarah Sériévic.

It's not necessarily to annoy you, it's just that he doesn't know any other way.

Another option could be that "He was hardly given any attention, except when he was ill," warns Marie-Laure Colonna. Consequently, he carries on.

The slightest sniffle or hint of sunstroke, and he's sure that you're going to wait on him hand and foot, just like his mum did.

Just between us
Admit it, you get something out of it when you mother him like that, don't you? "What can also happen is that you end up repeating a bit of your family history with your partner," jokes Marie-Laure Colonna. Now how was it that your mum acted around your dad?

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