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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Fed up being married to a chiild: he acts like a child


It's Sunday afternoon and it's pelting it down outside. The kids are making a racket in the bedroom instead of doing their homework like you asked them to.

Infuriated, you make your way up the stairs and discover your other half dressed up as Spiderman, standing on the bed, ready to jump. He's getting into the role even more than the kids.

You're upset and can't help but think you've got three kids to keep an eye on, not two!

Your partner is clearly still a child at heart. That's good, isn't it? After all, it's better that he's having fun with them rather than being in the study with his head stuck in his work files.

"Of course, the fact that he puts no boundaries in place is a sign that he's not fully aware of his role as a father…," says the psychotherapist. He's in fact forcing you to play the role of mum twice over: to him and to your children.

Just between us
What bothers you the most is having to be the strict no-fun mum, while he gets the kids on his side by being a cool dad. We understand!

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