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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Fed up of being his mum: arguments about tidying and housework


Anyone would think that tidying his socks, hanging his towel up, putting his coat away when he gets home from work, not leaving his breakfast bowl on the table, etc are all acts that undermine his manhood. But for you, it's just second nature. It has to be!

Behind all the clutter, he's marking his territory, admittedly in a childish sort of way, but an effective way nonetheless. By leaving his things scattered around the house, he's showing that he really feels at home.

Good news you might think, except that all this mess also indicates his inability to organize your joint living space and his lack of maturity. And it seriously gets on your nerves! But screwing up your face and raising your voice is only going to make matters worse.

Just between us
Admit it: you've been tidying up after him since the beginning, haven't you? As a result, you're a bit trapped. “The ideal thing in a relationship is to set things straight right from the start," says psychotherapist Sarah Sériévic. Even if it's not as easy as it sounds.

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